ABC Impact is the extension of ABC Bicycles that uses the profits from the company to create meaningful impact as a separate entity. ABC Impact envisions Tanzanians able to live better livelihoods through the use of bicycles. We achieve this through several pathways:

We found that long-distance challenges faced in rural areas when kids go from home to school can be easily solved with subsidized bicycles for boys and girls in the villages who have to walk very long distances to and from school.
This is a significant segment of the Bike2School program where we intentionally aim for more than 60% of the bicycles given are given to girls. This especially empowers the girl child in rural communities as they suffer more with the distance; having more household responsibilities as well as facing challenges on the streets, girls are more subject to harassment (sometimes leading to pregnancies that cause high drop-out levels) as well as lower grades in class, and limited access to other opportunities in the future that will allow them to live dignified lives.
ABC Impact provides an extensive vocational program that trains youth in the field of bicycles maintenance and servicing. This program also includes sub-courses that allow the youth taking the course to specialize in their interest. The sub-courses include entrepreneurial skills that allow them to start their bike shop, professional bike maintenance, and professional riding if they want to pursue cycling as a career.
Youth Bike Academy
The Youth Academy aims to develop Bike professionals for tomorrow. Through this academy, young cyclists can train with professionals and learn the right skills, diet practices and exercises that will allow them to be competitive cyclists not only in Tanzania but at global standards.
We intend to bring awareness of the extensive benefits of cycling to the community around us by creating activities and events around cycling, including weekend bike trails, competitions as well as participating in larger fundraising activities around the art. Communities can join us on our twice per Month Impact Fun Rides through our premium and standard membership or as guests.

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