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About ABC Bicycles

ABC Bicycles is the largest retail and wholesale refurbished bicycle distributor at an affordable rate in Tanzania. Established in Olasiti, the outskirts of Arusha Town, ABC (formerly known as Arusha Bicycle Center) was built from scratch in 2015 by locals and ex-pats alike to create a thriving workshop, shed and slowly build programs to create awareness of the value chain of bicycles and the positive impact it has on people’s lives.

We envision a Tanzania enhanced through bicycles.

Our mission is to use bicycles as a means to empower communities through workshops, programs, affordable bicycles, and community-centric cycling events.

ABC has successfully created 18 jobs in two regions, with 18 graduated youth who were trained with ABC’s vocational bicycle mechanics program. ABC has sold over 18’500 to individuals, retail partners and nonprofits since its founding and has provided subsidized bicycles for girls in schools through our Bike4Girls program. ABC wishes to continue to serve communities in and out of Tanzania and has now achieved an extension that focuses on the social impact of bicycles, ABC Impact.

ABC Bicycles



Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Cross bikes/hybrids, Single-speed bikes, Children’s bikes, BMX/stunt bikes

Bicycles Spare

Get Bicycle spare parts of all kinds

Bicycle’s Accessories

Puncher Repair Kits, Helmets, Bike locks, Tubes, Handle Bar and More
ABC Bicycles


Bicycles Repair and maintenance
Bicycle Rental

Our Team

Our team comprises a diverse group of people passionate about cycling, health, the environment, education, women empowerment, and making an impact around our community. Together, led by Hans and Ayanna, we work on both the trading side of ABC as well as the impact side.

Hans Harrison – Chief Executive Officer

Hans has pioneered cycling since he was introduced to ABC Bicycle Company Limited (then Arusha Bicycle Centre) in 2015. As a businessman educated in finance, Hans continues to drive the trade activities of ABC leading the operations as well as managing most of the team at all the bases. Hans loves cycling and often cycles to work as well as participates in several cycling events in and out of Tanzania.

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