Why Bicycles

An Impact Study done by Velafrica shows that bicycles play a significant role in building sustainable socio-economic development in rural parts of Africa. Our aligned values believe that bicycles could have a meaningful impact in the areas of saving ample time in day-to-day activities, exponentially aiding in the development of students, creating higher productivity levels in labour-intensive field work, increasing job opportunities, and promoting social contacts as well as ease medical facilities accessibility, among other very beneficial influences of bicycles.

In Tanzania, we committed to using bicycles as a way to:

Tackle Capacity, Time and Distance

Riding a bicycle is faster and easier than walking. It also allows you to carry much more. You transport five times more and travel four times faster and further with a bicycle!

Increase Savings

Bicycles are relatively more affordable means of transport, especially in the long run; with a bicycle, you can say goodbye to bus fares, pay for travel tickets or fuel.

Protect the Environment

A bicycle doesn’t leave any carbon footprints, making it an eco-friendly option for transport. Bicycles are also quiet and don’t cause traffic, significantly helping the slowing down of global warming.

Promote Better Healthcare

Riding a bicycle promotes great health benefits and reduces chronic illnesses (if not eliminates them!).  With legs of steel, lean muscles and a healthy heart, bike riding ensures longer and healthier lives. Being a fast and reliable mode of transport, bicycles improve a community’s access to healthcare centres as well as access to health workers within the community.

Empower Women and Girls

We all know an empowered woman is an empowered community, and women on bicycles certainly prove this further. With women and girls having better access to bicycles, it gives them more opportunities to reduce the disproportionate sufferings they endure from poor transport and mobility, giving them their lives back in a dignified way. As we fight against the taboo around women and girls riding bicycles in some regions, we see women and girls start their businesses, perform better in school and develop brighter futures for themselves.

Ease Access To Education

A bicycle significantly reduces the time taken for children to reach school, increases punctuality, and also helps them arrive feeling more fresh and ready to learn. Bicycles also make long school journeys safer, particularly for girls, increasing their enrolment and attendance rates. At the end of the day, having a bicycle also increases time for children to have for homework, extracurricular activities, sports, and leisure, which build them up better.

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